ORCKA Moving Water Level 1


ORCKA Moving Water Level 1

2 days

Paddling takes place on the Gull River, Minden


PaddleFoot’s moving water level 1 courses are taught in tandem canoes. The moving water 1 is designed for people with little to no white water canoeing experience. The courses take place from the PaddleFoot’s MuskokaBasecamp. Course material is taught on the Gull River and includes all specialized equipment, though you are welcome to bring your own gear if you choose.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Canoeing Safety: Swimming a rapid, Retrieving a swamped canoe, Canoe over canoe rescue and River rescue Communications
  • Canoeing Theory:Canoeing heritage, Canoe design and construction, Canoe outfitting, Moving water principles, River reading, River first aid, Day trip planning and Canoeing resources
  • Canoeing Skills: Entering and exiting a canoe, Landing, Eddy turn, Peel out, S turn, Front ferry, Back ferry, Front surf and Portaging

Successful participants receive Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association Moving Water Level 1A , a certification recognized across Canada and in many other paddling communities.

PaddleFoot provides all the necessary equipment for instruction, such as paddles, Pfd’s, all safety equipment, and of course, canoes. Participants are encouraged to bring their own paddles and Pfd’s, and any other river equipment they may wish. Participants should also bring extra warm and dry clothes, and quick drying gear for the times we are on the water. You should be prepared in case of cool weather. (Contact Us about renting a wetsuit if interested).

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