Our Safety and Standards


Our Safety and Standards




Safety is a top priority at PaddleFoot, we endeavour to exceed current standards in guide qualifications and safety protocols. On our remote trips, we carry state of the art communication devices and one of the best first aid kits in the industry. WE have a high staff to tripper ratio, a minimum of 1:5, to make certain that participants receive all of the attention that they need. The guides are trained to ensure that our safety systems stay firmly in place at all times on PaddleFoot programs.

For over 15 years, PaddleFoot has been a leader in the outdoor industry when it comes to our safety and standards as well as for the overall quality of our canoe tripping programs. Our sister company, Wilderness Safety Systems trains professionals working in the outdoors and is the official trainer for working on ice and working on water courses for companies such as Hydro One, Ministry of Natural Resources and more.

Our Staff, Certifications and Trainings

Our guides go through a 7-day staff training where we extensively cover risk management and river safety and all our guides are Wilderness First Responders. Over and beyond their experience on the river (25 days minimum), our guides are also Swift Water Rescue Technicians and possess paddling certifications. (Visit Our Staff page for more information)

Our Risk Management

For all PaddleFoot trips, our routes are researched and planned in advance. A detailed route plan is left with our managers and directors at the PaddleFoot Lodge. We have people on call 24 hours a day and clear emergency protocols by which we abide.  One of our directors, Robert Evis, is a paramedic and is always on call to assist in any medical situation that could arise while out in the backcountry. Each trip carries multiple sets of the maps as well as a satellite phone or GPS tracking device for contacts in case of emergencies. Swift water rescue equipment such as wrap kits and safety lines are mandatory on all our white water trips.

Health and Well-Being

Medication and medical information are the responsibility of our guides while out on trip. Any medication is kept locked in our waterproof first aid kits. Guides ensure that all participants are healthy and taken care of at all times. Daily individual check in are part of our routine on trip and we follow thorough hygiene guidelines when it comes to hand washing, dishes cleaning and cooking. Allergies are flagged prior to each trip and our guides review trip menus accordingly to ensure the safety of our participants with allergies.

Food and Nutrition

Menus are well balanced, and include vegetable and soy-based proteins to replace proteins usually found in meats. Each canoe trip goes out with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement most meals, keeping the menu interesting. To accommodate the large amount of food we need to bring on trips, PaddleFoot carries a lot of dehydrated goods. This includes vegetables, as well as legumes, and even eggs.  We cater to most dietary needs (contact us for more information) and our facility is peanut free. 


Prior to each trip, our equipment is inspected for quality and safety. PaddleFoot provides the following equipment on each trip:

Sleeping and campsite life Cooking and hygiene Travelling Other
Tents Pots and pans Canoes Library
Axes and a saw Bowls and spoons Paddles Program material for chosen activities
Shovel Serving ustensils Throw bags Pocket games
Toilet paper and hand sanitizer Biodegradable soap and hand sanitizer White water rescue kit
Garbage bags Mesh bag for drying dishes PFD fitted to each participant
Survival kit Water purification treatment Bailers for each boat
Functional satellite phone Water filter Boat repair kit
Emergency money Food barrels Carry bags for personal dry bags
Waterproof map case including trip routes, menu, recipe book and emergency information Backcountry stoves and fuel Boat equipment (safety lines, flashlight, sound device, extra paddle, extra pfd)
Wilderness First aid kit


Leave No Trace

Our backcountry expeditions promote the awareness of Leave No Trace principles. We encourage our participants to become aware of their impacts on the environment and implement practices that lower our direct impact on the visited ecosystems. As well, throughout each PaddleFoot journey, our guides ensure that our participants are exposed to the local culture and history of the areas visited.