WFR Challenge & Recertification- 40 hours


WFR Challenge & Recertification

Location: PaddleFoot Lodge

Length: 40 hours over 4 days

Course Description

The Challenge Re-certification is designed to students as Wilderness First Responders regardless of what provider issued their original certification.


In order to participate in this course, you must hold a current Wilderness Medical Training certification with a minimum of 64 hours of continual training (cumulative training hours from different courses are not eligible). Your training may be from any organization, provided that your certification was taken within three years of your WMA Challenge Course. Any exceptions to these conditions must be verified before your Challenge Course by contacting the Wilderness Medical Associates office. You must show your original certification to the instructor when you arrive on course. If you cannot provide proof of your certification, or approval from the WMA office, you will not be eligible for Wilderness First Responder certification.


Basic Life Saving Skills including CPR (equivalent to Level C or Heartsaver Plus) re-certification are included with this course. Anaphylaxis and AED workshops are also included.

What you can expect at the Challenge Course:
You can expect 4 full, intense days of instruction. Plan on arriving at the course prepared to completely focus on the material- it is not possible to engage in any other significant activity (i.e. a job or school) while participating in this course.

Your Challenge Course will have a large focus on the application of assessment and treatment skills. You can expect the simulations during the course to integrate both the knowledge from your past training with new material that will bring you to the level of a Wilderness Medical Associates Wilderness First Responder.

Certification Standards
To receive certification as a Wilderness First Responder, you will be required to pass the written and practical final exams as well as satisfactorily perform the skills within the scope of Wilderness First Responder training. The written exam is the same exam used on all 8-9 day Wilderness First Responder courses, and the passing score is 80% or better. At the successful completion of your Challenge course, you will receive the following certifications:

  • Wilderness First Responder RE-Certification (good for three years)
  • Anaphylaxis Certification and AED certification (good for three years)
  • Basic Life Saving (BLS) and CPR certification (good for three years)


Sample Course Outline


Day 1 Morning Session Afternoon Session
8.0 hours 1st day pre-exam Circulatory System
Review Pre-Course Study Packet  Respiratory System
Patient Assessment System  Nervous System
Basic Life Support & CPR  Lifts, Moves and Extrications
 PAS Drills
Day 2 Morning Session Afternoon Session
8.0 hours Musculoskeletal Injuries Splints I – Extremities
Dislocations Splints II – Spines
Spine Management Simulation
Wounds and Burns
PAS Drills
Day 3 Morning Session Afternoon Session
8.0 hours Allergy and Anaphylaxis Simulation
Environmental Injuries Final Testing
PAS Drills Conclusion