WFR Bridge Course- 40 hours


WFR Bridge Course

Length: 40 hours over 4 days

Location: Paddlefoot Lodge

Course Description
This course is designed for graduates of our Wilderness Advanced First Aid courses that want to continue their training upgrade their certification to the Wilderness First Responder level. This comprehensive course will review concepts learned in earlier courses and build on previous knowledge to cover a new range of wilderness medical issues. A review package will be sent to students prior to the course in order for them to come prepared to this intense and stimulating course.

Course Highlights

  • Comprehensive Patient Assessment And Evacuation Skills
  • Hands-on simulations with theatrical make-up and video feedback
  • All of the Wilderness Medical Protocols: anaphylaxis treatment, severe asthma treatment┬ádislocation reduction, spinal assessment, advanced wound management, modified CPR protocol
  • Wilderness leadership and management of emergency situations
  • Basic search and rescue
  • Environmental issues including altitude, dive medicine, cold climate issues, tropical environment issues.

Course Target

  • Any graduate of a Wilderness Advanced First Aid course that wants to increase their knowledge and upgrade to the Wilderness First Responder level for either personal or professional reasons.
  • This course is ideal for anyone who cannot spare 8 or 9 days in a row to take a complete Wilderness First Responder in its entirety.
  • The upgrade to Wilderness First Responder will meet or exceed all first aid requirements for all Canadian guide certifications.