Wilderness First Aid Course (WFA)-16 hours

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Course Description

Wilderness First Aid is an excellent introduction to wilderness emergency care. The program’s goal is to equip participants with the basic knowledge and skills to adapt standard first aid techniques to the demands of wilderness locations. This course has two primary goals 1) to equip participants with lifesaving skills-ABC’s 2) to develop basic skills to handle common wilderness injuries. Wilderness First Aid courses have two optional components: CPR certification and anaphylaxis workshop. If both are added to a course program becomes 18 hours in length.


Wilderness First Aid is the ideal course for outdoor enthusiasts on overnight or short term wilderness adventures. Students will be able to recognize medical emergencies, and will become familiar with basic life saving skills, patient assessment, and basic field care for common injuries.


The Wilderness First Aid curriculum involves a minimum of 16 hours of instruction when taught in the United States and 20 hours when taught in Canada. Hours vary in other countries. In-class learning involves lecture, discussion, patient assessment drills, and skills labs. Students are encouraged to use their textbook to expand their knowledge after the course.


Prior to enrolling, please review our Functional Position Description. The criteria in this policy allow students to self-assess their ability to meet the demands of a WMA International course as well as the demands of a certified wilderness medical provider in the field.


This course is pass/fail. 100% attendance is mandatory. Evaluation is based on practical patient simulations, hands-on activities, and a written test. WMA International is committed to making reasonable accommodation for any student with special needs.


Certifications are valid for three years. Graduates of this course should take another WFA course or consider upgrading to the Wilderness Advanced First Aid or Wilderness First Responder.