Classroom Programs


Classroom Programs

Age: 5-17 years old

Length: 1-day

Location: Your school!


Program Description

Have PaddleFoot instructors spend a day in your classrooms. We have a wide variety of experiential education and service learning programs offered to complement both elementary and secondary school Geography, Science, and Biology programs. Program objectives and schedules can be developed beforehand in conjunction with school faculty members to cater to your classroom curriculum.

Program Highlights

Elementary School

  • School Recycling Project
  • Outdoor Service Project
  • Paper making
  • Natural Art
  • Primitive Crafts
  • Animal Discoveries
  • Nature Olympics
  • Cooperative Games
  • Conduct Experiments
  • International Lunch

High School

  • Food chain dynamics
  • Outdoor Service Project
  • Publish a class book
  • Initiative tasks
  • Field samples & analysis (water & soil test/ dissection & taxidermy/ animal tracks & scat)
  • International Lunch