High School Credit Program


High School Credit Program

Age: 16-18

Length: 20 days

Location: Northern Ontario Rivers


Program Description

On this program, students experience the wilderness of the true Canadian North. Internationally recognized training certification is a part of this high school credit course. Our students explore historic waterways of northern Ontario on a multi-day canoe trip with Ontario certified Outdoor Education teachers and highly skilled and qualified PaddleFoot instructors.

PaddleFoot instructors are highly skilled at making the process of learning trip skills fun. Most students will have little or no experience in wilderness canoeing, but are willing to learn. Students who will sign up are excited about the prospect of “rough it” for close to three weeks in a real wilderness canoeing and camping environment.

We invite you to share and learn about the environment on this ecologically responsible adventure.


Trip Highlights

Trip offers opportunities for viewing wildlife, old-growth forest, and to tread upon the exposed Canadian Shield. Our group sometimes stays at campsites that have been used for hundreds of years, and we paddle the same waters travelled by the author Grey Owl, and before him the Voyageurs, and before them, the First Nations.