Leave No Trace Trainer Course


Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Program Goals and Objectives

Designed for the outdoors enthusiast, camper, and backcountry guides, this 16-hour course is designed to consolidate your basic knowledge of Leave No Trace techniques and principles in the backcountry and the front country.

Program Description

Join us for a weekend at the PaddleFoot Lodge for an enriching weekend of learning with your peers. Through two nights out camping on the property (first night in the PaddleFoot campground and the other one hiking), a hike on our trail systems and multiple workshops you will hone your knowledge and practice Leave No Trace techniques. All students teach an activity session to the rest of the class and receive feedback from both peers and instructors. Through practical workshops, presentations, and activities you explore new techniques and concepts that are easily applicable to your personal and work adventures.


Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will leave this course with a Leave No Trace Trainer Certification and a Leave No Trace Educator kit. The LNT Trainer certification allows you to teach LNT workshops. This course is a lock for any outdoor educator/guide, providing participants with invaluable tools to  pass on the knowledge they have gained to their program participants.