Student Exchange Programs


Student Exchange Programs

Age: 13-18 years old

Length: Customized to your request

Location: Algonquin Park


Program Description

The first week of the program is spent in camp where the students get used to the “rustic” lifestyle – living in cabins and eating in the dining hall. The days are filled with activity as they get to know each other while participating in new and challenging activities. They learn to canoe, try rock climbing, paddle kayaks and practice survival skills. At the top of the list is satisfying their curiosity about the natural world. And of course there are lots of games and fun!

Once the students are comfortable in their new setting, they take that next step into the wilderness and head out on a weeklong canoe trip. The groups paddle the waterways of Canada’s famous Algonquin Park on most of the participants’ first ever canoe trip. Groups carry everything they need for the weeklong expedition as they travel from campsite to campsite – each group following a route designed for them. Seeing wildlife is not uncommon and calling to wolves in the evening is an experience long remembered.


Trip Highlights

This trip offers opportunities to view wildlife while living an international travelling experience.  Through the discovery of  Algonquin Park, one of Canada’s most renown Parks, students get the chance to share an experience that will expose them to the Canadian culture. This trip will allow for learning and growth that will last a lifetime!