Winter Programs


Winter Program

Age: 13-18 years old

Length: 3-4 days

Location: Algonquin Park


Program Description

Delicious meals are provided on all winter programs. Students must provide their own skis. Participants receive instruction appropriate to our mode of travel. A high ratio of guides to students ensures lots of individual attention. Each night we stay in a cozy cabin in the heart of the wilderness. Cabins are usually heated with wood stoves, lantern lighting, and have no electricity. The entire group shares in the responsibilities of trip life, from helping to carry in firewood to preparing meals to clean up. Entertainment in the evening is also responsibility of students as we seek their input to the perennial favorite “Winter Festival Night.”

Trip Highlights

This program is more than just skiing or snowshoeing. Each day can be planned for one or two programs. Animal tracking, snow shelters, wild edibles, and the winter Night Sky are only a few fascinating activities. Participants who build suitable snow shelters can sleep in them over night. Skilled Guides take full advantage of teachable moments throughout the day enhancing this exhilarating and valuable educational experience.