Young Adventurers

Young Adventurers

Age: 8 – 10

Duration: 5 days

Location: In or Around Algonquin Park

Casual Afternoon Canoe

Selecting the right summer activity for your children can be a difficult task. To make it easier

for parents, PaddleFoot has designed Young Adventurers specifically for children on their first camping trip without mom and dad. This trip makes the introduction to wilderness canoeing and camping fun and safe! Canoe trip groups are small, with at least one staff member for each three trippers to ensure your child receives the attention they need. Trippers learn about wildlife, nature, campsite living, paddling and portaging all the while meeting new challenges and making new friends. Activities are numerous and varied, so trippers are busy throughout the day – playing, helping around the campsite, canoeing, swimming and more. Since this trip is designed as introductory the trip is run strictly on flatwater so the attention is on learning how to be in the wilderness and have fun.

Young Adventurer trips are run in Algonquin Park are designed for children aged 8-10 years. Algonquin Park is just four hours west of Ottawa, and 4 hours north of Toronto. Trips are on well-established routes and our guides are familiar with fun places to visit, while at the same time ensuring the safety of the participants.

Arts and Crafts at the Campsite

Staff to tripper ratio on Young Adventurers trips is 1:3. The entire group usually stays in a 12-person Marquis tent, promoting a family-style atmosphere. These are beginner level trips, so guides take the time to introduce each aspect of trip life in a fun way. Trippers learn the basics of campsite living: setting up tents, how to build a fire, food preparation, and of course, paddling and portaging. Each activity is easy to get-the-hang-of in a cooperative environment with lots of supervision and support.

The Guides for these trips are carefully selected for their experience and talent for working with children. Quick with a game or song or fun activity, PaddleFoot guides provide a joyful environment for your child each day. At the same time, PaddleFoot guides understand the fears that some children may experience at summer camp, and are skilled and compassionate counselors. They share our deep commitment to providing a canoe trip that helps each tripper fall in love with the outdoors and be the person they want to be!

Fun around camp

Trip highlights for all Young Adventurers include: making new friends, playing on beaches, enjoying glorious waterfalls, nature walks, spotting local wildlife, arts and crafts, roasting marshmallows, and singing ‘round the campfire. Some trips even climb a fire tower for lunch!

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